meet the team

We are also lucky to have support from dynamic team members and amazing volunteers. 

Jagdish Pandey

He is Indian farmer with science degree. He believed in humanity, spirituality and peace. 

Amit Prabhakar
Sr. Vice President

He is Doctoral Research Fellow at DRDO and Post Doctoral Research Fellow at University of California, USA

Ambar Bandopadhyay
Vice President

He is science graduate. He is also a Gandhi Fellow of Piramal Foundation

Satya Prakash Vidyarthi
General Secretory

He is Software Engineer, Post Graduate in Rural Development and Social Activist.

Sumit Prabhkar

He is Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. He worked with many reputed IT companies. 

Ved Prakash Pandey
Joint Secretory

He is businessman and youth leader. He is working with local communities for govt schemes.

Vinod Shukla

He had various leading working experience in India and abroad. He is hard worker.

Sanjay Sahani
Executive Member

Sanjay is a business graduate. He was lead many local and national firm, also a youth leader.

Gyan Prakash Pandey
water and environment Program

He is a social activist. He is leading water and environment conservation project. He completed 2900 KM Cycle Yatra in 31 days in all UP & Delhi.

Vindhyavashini Devi
Executive Member

She is house wife and connected with women empowerment issues. She was a NCC cadet during her schooling.

Swapnil Pathak
Yoga, Youth Leadership and sport program

He is post graduate and teacher. He is involved in Yoga, Youth Leadership and sport program. He associated various social platforms. 

Dhananjay Singh
health and sanitation program

He is trained graduate teacher and leading education program with local volunteers. He is also involved in health and sanitation program.