“The 21st century is an era of knowledge. If poverty is to be abolished in this century it can be abolished only through knowledge.”

– Narendra Modi

Science Towards Village

India’s most population living in villages and depends on agriculture. Science and Technology helping in the maintenance of a standard of living in rural areas in better energy options, water and electricity, internet and computer, better health facilities, infrastructure and connectivity, sanitation  and slid waste management that are developed and made aware of in rural areas.

Today India stands on the threshold of great opportunities. A robustly growing economy and a rapidly growing population of rural and urban literate youth and a broad base of technology provide an opportunity that is emerging as a strong force. In this context, it is necessary that the youth should be equipped with proper education, skills and a sense of dedication to make constructive contribution to the economy.

SES conducted various awareness programs with Council of Science and Technology, Govt of UP in primary and junior schools and villages, organized workshop with MMM University of Technology Gorahpur. We promote science fiction in the rural communities.

Vigyn Mela:

SES organized, Science Quiz, Vigyan Mela, Science Models Expo in rural schools, exposure visit to science labs and park of the rural schools children.