If you want to support us kind or cash, which is also an important element for doing any activity then you can contribute in following ways :

Donate a desktop/laptop :

You can donate us your used/old desktop, laptop, computer, tablets, smart phones, camera, projectors etc. We actively work with few schools and agencies who are working in the field of digital education. 

Sponsor A Child :

There are a lot of children who are below poverty line and getting their primary education from slum, remote or tribes areas. Few of these children are bright and want to continue their education. You can sponsor a child’s education and shaping his/her future. It is not mandatory to commit for the full education. You can continue as long as you are comfortable.

Adopt A School :

SES is now adopting the under privilege schools which are seriously lacking quality education and bare minimum facilities. You can be a part of this initiative and give us your helping hands. We need your kind support for this project like volunteers, teachers, old useful books, and money etc.

Donate Old Clothes, books, shoes, toys etc. :

Everybody do have a lot of unused stuff at home. You do not throw them, use them but just keep them. May be they are good for nothing for you but they are worth for the children and people in remote areas. You can donate us things like old clothes, toys, shoes, slippers, crockery, books, stationary etc. We use them for the needy.

Make A Donation :

We believe that you, the donor, should decide where and how you would like to make a difference.

We offer a wide range of causes, organizations and purposes that all help the poorest of the poor. Your donation really can help change a life.

Bank Details for NEFT or direct transfer:


A/c.No: 209311100000636




for kind donation:

Contact Address: Basdila Rausar,

Post Hemdhapur, Gorakhpur,

Uttar Pradesh, India 273152

Helpline: 9198431217

Make a donation